The Invasion of Lustria has begun!

Without warning, an army has descended upon the ancient jungles of Lustria. Chaos Daemons, savage Beastmen, and corrupted Wood Elves, have united to conquer.

The Lizardmen rally to fight them off, but cannot do so alone. Calling on aid from the High Elves, as well as local Orcs & Goblins who want to do some smashing, they make a bold stand against this sudden invasion.

This is the platform through which we will plan, coordinate, and record the events of our Warhammer Fantasy campaign.

The Adventure Log will be used to give an accounting of each battle.

The Wiki will be used to keep track of information about the important people and places of our campaign.

Characters will be used to track the saga of your General, who will be your personal protagonist in this campaign. As much as we’ll be telling the story of how our armies clash, we will each be telling the story of our General’s rise to power, or defeat.

If we end up using this site efficiently enough, I would be willing to pay the small fee to be allowed to use some of the advanced features, such as the calendar.

Warhammer Fantasy Campaign - 2013

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