Warhammer Fantasy Campaign - 2013

The Battle at Xahutec - Defenders

A Narrow Victory

As the combined forces of the Corrupted Wood Elves, the Beastmen, and the Chaos Daemons emerged from the ruined city of Xahutec, the defenders of Lustria rose to meet them. Amak-Baz, leading the lost warriors of Tlax; Lady Itiireae, leading her warriors from Ulthuan; and Emprah WaaaghToof, with his motley crew of Greenskins.
Down the center of the battlefield, Emprah WaaaghToof led the charge with his wild Boar Boyz, smashing into the enemy’s minotaurs with devastating force. Meanwhile Waywatchers were brought down by fierce Goblin Wolf Riders, and arrow fire from the Shadow Warriors of Ulthuan. However, some of the Waywatchers lived long enough to charge into the back of the High Elf Archers, causing enough chaos that the unit fled in terror, disrupting the plans of the Saurus Warriors.
This disruption prevented the Saurus Warriors from interfering with the oncoming Treekin. The towering forest spirits came crashing down upon EmprahWaaaghToof, taking a heavy toll on his Boar Boyz. Swooping in from the flank came Lady Itiireae on the back of her great eagle, to the aid of the greenskins. For the time, the Treekin were held at bay.
Meanwhile, forces of both armies made their way through the outskirts of the ruined city, in a more subtle, yet equally deadly conflict. Arrows flew, bolt-throwers launched their massive quarrels, and the lumbering stegadon, Chokal the Wild, stalked the streets of Xahutec. As the dreaded Gorgon rose to challenge the stegadon, Chokal crashed into it with devastating force, and the monstrosity of the beastmen was laid low.
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