Warhammer Fantasy Campaign - 2013

The Invader's temporary set back.

BackgroundThe Invaders landed through a portal, to begin the invasion, but were immediately set upon by the unified forces of the Lizardmen, the High Elves, and the Orcs. The Wood Elves took some heavy losses as the High Elves and Orcs set upon them.Orc 3 Anguleda and Lady Vendethiel quickly rallied their forces and forced their way through the orc army, decimating them. The High Elves Archmage rained magic upon their heads, wiping out the Anguleda’s Daemonettes, destroying them as they fought through the ranks of High Elves and Orcs. Lady Vendethiel’s treefolk allies arrived and brought the onslaught, wiping out all of Emprah Waaghtoof’s personal guards.Treeman Seeing an opportunity, Waaghtoof’s goblins charged in, with the aid of the High Elf leader. Reinforced by Daemonic beasts, the Treefolk walked through hordes of goblins, and the High Elf and Waaghtoof, fled, hopelessly outmatched. LizardmenAt the same time, the Lizardmen were assaulting the Beastmen, the mighty Stegadon, taking out the Beastmen’s Gorgon, and killing countless Wood Elves. Eventually Lizardmen were turned back, the archmage defeated, but it was too late, the invaders had taken heavy losses, and Lady Vendethiel took heavy wounds. Kurdesch found that his confidant, Anguleda had fallen in the battle. The invaders seeing that their efforts would be better directed elsewhere, left the battle field, the defenders in such a state of disarray, that they were unable to follow. The Wood Elves and the Beastmen headed into the Jungle. Kurdesch and his daemons headed back into the city. Now they plan to reunite at their next objective, bringing small forces with them, to establish a foothold in Lustria.


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