Last Guardian of Tlax


Saurus Scar-Veteran

Cold One Mount
Light Armor, Shield, Piranha Blade, Sacred Stegadon Helm


Tlax, the City of Ghosts. Once, it was a great and powerful Temple City, an arcane sanctuary for the mighty Slann Mage-Priests. Now, it is reduced to ruin. So great and calamitous were the events that destroyed Tlax, however, that it is still haunted by those who died there. When the heavens align themselves, the ghosts of those who died there are brought back, to replay those horrific events.

Amak-Baz, a proud Saurus Scar-Veteran, once gave his life to defend Tlax. With the rest, though, his soul was bound to the place, for all eternity. Until recently.

Amak-Baz found himself, his patrol of Cold One Riders, and his two most loyal units of Saurus Warriors, alone in the ruins of Tlax. They stood in the City of Ghosts, but were no longer ghosts themselves. They had been brought back. Memories of what had happened were vague. Had he really died before? Was it just a horrific nightmare, played over and over again through a long night? But his beloved Temple City was in ruins, the Mage-Priests he once protected were gone. Tlax truly was the City of Ghosts.

Amak-Baz and his warriors left Tlax, in search of another Slann to serve. In the jungles outside of Tlax, he encountered a Skink Priest, Tacltoxla, who had seen the returned warrior in a prophetic dream. Tacltoxla warned Amak-Baz that he had seen many dark omens of things to come. A storm was brewing; a dark force had set its eyes upon Lustria. Amak-Baz had been brought back from the realm of the dead, to protect his sacred lands once more.


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