Kurdesch Herald of Chaos


Herald of Tzeentch.
Due to the nature of Daemonic gifts, who knows what he is packing.


Prior to the invasion, not much is known about Kurdesch other than his name, which has begun to creep up in the dark places of Lustria. Those who have seen Kurdesch say they saw a figure in a dark cloak. The area around his head seems distorted, like his presence has destabilized reality. Those unfortunate to get closer can see a beak starting to protrude out of the hood. The invasion has not gone well for Kurdesch. His right hand daemon, died, and his forces were decimated. Yet none of this will stop him. Kurdesch has found a new chief lieutenant, Kestrath, and has set out gathering power, making deals with Daemon Princes, establishing the basis of the overpowering force he expects will bring him the spoils of war.

Kurdesch Herald of Chaos

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