Lady Vendethiel

Princess of the Auyraur


Wild Rider Noble
Helm of the Hunt
Great Stag Mount


Lady Vendethiel is a princess of the Auyraur Kindred, the Wood Elf Wild Riders – or she was until her actions led to her banishment from Athel Loren. The Wild Riders, along with the Amber Spellweavers, are unique among the Wood Elves in that they truly worship the spirit of Kurnous, the god of the hunt, by embracing the bestial nature inside themselves. They yearly enact the ritual of the Hunt by riding out and destroying the enemies of the forest, and sometimes its allies. It is during the fury and passion of the Hunt that Vendethiel truly feels alive – without it she is nothing.

One foreboding evening, when Morrslieb was full and the time of the Hunt was drawing near, Vendethiel and her Kindred felt a surge of pain and fury as a dark ritual was cast in the forest summoning the true nature of the Beast. Vendethiel led her Kindred to the source of the dark magic, their insatiable desire to begin the hunt rising with each step towards the Beast. They discovered that Caidarian, the leader of the Amber Spellweavers, had summoned the savage nature of the Beast and had transformed himself and his followers into twisted forms of beast and elf – they had become Beastmen, the hated enemy of the Wood Elves.

Other Asrai gathered at the scene. Many gave the call to slaughter the creatures. But the transformed spellweavers were friends of Vendethiel, and she could not allow the source of such curious and enthralling magic to be destroyed, not yet. So Vendethiel and other elves and Forest Spirits attacked their horrified brethren, beginning the Hunt. The fighting bought enough time for spellweavers, eager to stop the fighting, to craft a portal to a distant forest.

After the escape, Caidarian, who was now known as Malaghast, promised a home for the outcasts and a neverending hunt against the forces of evil. Malaghast gathered more Beastmen, summoned Daemons, and began a war against strange Lizard creatures. Slowly, as more and more Daemons have joined forces with Malaghast, and the fury of the Hunt has waned, Vendethiel and others have realized what a terrible choice they have made betraying the Asrai. But there is nowhere else to go…

Lady Vendethiel

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