Malaghast the Degenerate

Scion of the Dark Beast, Champion of the Chaos Gods


Lv. 3 Wizard – Lore of the Beast
-Savage Beast of Horros
-The Amber Spear
-Wyssan’s Wildform


Malaghast the Degenerate was once known as Caidarian, a talented wool elf practitioner of Amber Magic, or the Lore of the Beast. Beast Magic has always been an integral part of the more wild kin of the Asrai, yet an aspect that has careful boundaries set in place by old spellweavers to protect Athel Loren from darkness. For the practitioners of Amber Magic dance a fine line between the heart of the noble beast, and the savage nature of Chaos.

For Caidarian, and the elves who followed him, the bounded magic could not quench their thirst for power and purpose – they wanted more, they needed more. They explored the powers of Amber Magic that pulsed through their veins under the dark moon, Morrslieb, and became one with The Beast, and were transformed in Its image in the process. The dark magic fulfilled, they had become Beastmen, the hated enemies of the Wood Elves. And thus Caidarian became Malaghast the Degenerate.

When the spirits and elves of the forest discovered what Malaghast had done they mustered up their forces to destroy the vile creatures. They would likely have succeeded if it weren’t for the intercession of Lady Vendethiel and her Wild Rider brethren, who took pity on their transformed Wood Elf friends, and more importantly they had long been itching for a fight. Vendethiel fought the elves of the glade and bought enough time for her spellweavers to construct a portal to a distant forest. Having sealed her fate as an outcast, Vendethiel and those that followed her pledged their loyalty to Malaghast with the hopes that he would lead them to glory in battle.

And a battle they would have, for soon after their escape the Dark Gods gave Malaghast a new vision. A strange race of Lizardmen in a distant land needed to be destroyed in preparation for a Daemonic invasion of the whole world. Using the powers of the Wood Elves, Malaghast traveled the world gathering hordes of Beastmen, with the promise of blood and glory in Lustria. Then in a dark ritual he summoned Kurdesch, Harold of the Dark Gods, and legions of Daemons to ensure victory in the doomed jungles of the Slann.

Malaghast the Degenerate

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